Chongqing JAFA Group Company Ltd was founded in 1999 with the registered capital 100 Million RMB. JAFA Group have achieved significantly in the real property development business and obtained the national top certificate(Class 1) of property development in 2011 and certificates of ISO9001:2008 , but also include infrastructure construction, property management, hotel management, health care, cross border trade, e-commerce and investment.

JAFA Group is positioned at the Southwest of China and fully involved into the municipality development in terms property development and construction. In 1999, JAFA as the first investor in Chayuan special district, had invested 87 million RMB to build the so called “Century Avenue”, which is 5 kilometers long with 4 lanes. The project completed by June 2001 and served as the key connection to the new industrial zone, which is also nick named as “ Gold Avenue”.

Upon the completion of “Century Avenue”, JAFA Group have been striving to the real property development and successfully obtained the right to develop 300 hectares CBD area in Nan’an District, later built the first large complex of city center in Chongqing - Shanghai City. Shanghai City’s total construction space reaches over 1.1 million square meters, among which 550,000 square meters are high class house hold and 535,000 square meters of commercial area. The whole investment was 5 billiioin RMB. In July 2009, Shanghai City business streets were included into the municipality’s key project “ Sun Project” and later turned to be the most recommended tourist resort in Chongqing – Shanghai City Yangtze River Tourist Plaza including 5 walking streets, shopping centers ( Oriental Shopping Mall, HBC, CARREFOUR, Red Macalline, Gome), Hotels (Hilton Double Tree Hotel and Yifan hotel), 5A office spaces of JAFA Cross Border Trade Center. More 3,000 parking lots provide huge convenience to the inhabitants and customers. Shanghai Yangtze River Tourist Plaza is aiming to create a lifestyle shopping experience for all customers, combining retailing, entertainment, catering, restaurants, exhibition, gym and relaxation and becoming the landmark of Chongqing.

JAFA Group fully owns large volumes of commercial property at Shanghai City, Hilton Double Tree Hotel, Yifan Hotel and Cross Border Trade Center. JAFA’s management team consist of hotel management, commercial management and property management and recently also invest into cross border trade, e-commerce, health care to diversify its business.

JAFA Group have always been diversifying its business into new areas. Besides cross border trade, e-commerce, property management and investment, JAFA is looking into the high tech industry and set up the long term strategic partnership with Peking University and Chongqing University, focusing on construction technology at mountainous areas, information technology.

JAFA GROUP are ready of taking firm steps towards the better future!